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7 signs he could be proposing...


The festive engagement season may be over but that doesn't mean your chance for a romantic proposal is. With Valentine's Day fast approaching we have produced 7 signs to watch out for in case your man is thinking of popping the question. 


1. He's been acting strange all week

He will be scared, excited and very, very nervous for the awaiting proposal, this means he will try his hardest to cover up all of his emotions and you will notice the change in character most out of everyone. You might jump to conclusions but it might be something special coming your way!

Wedding engagement

2. Your parents have become increasingly involved in your relationship

Is your man the type of person to ask for permission from your parents? If he is, the signs will show. Your mum will be excited every time she sees you and your dad will feel a sense of responsibility and respect towards your future fiancé. 

Wedding engagement 2

3. The next realistic step is getting engaged

Have you been with your boyfriend for a while now? Are you living together, shopping together or acting like a married couple already? The signs will be clear to your guy and he will soon realise the question needs to be asked.

Wedding engagement 3

4. You are comfortable with each other in any situation 

When you see your boyfriend as your best friend you will know he is the one. You can both do 'silly' things and know it won't effect your relationship. These are clear signs that you should be together and perhaps take the next step.

Wedding engagement 4

5. He doesn't squirm when watching wedding programmes anymore

Once your man has decided he would like to spend his life with you, things like weddings won't bother him anymore. He will become calm towards wedding programmes and Pinterest boards you have made all about your future wedding.

Wedding engagement 5

6. He has become a little secretive

Your a little confused because he is being loving but you know he is hiding something, this could be the start of something big!

Wedding engagement 6

7. He has special plans for you both

It may be a meal, a weekend away, something extravagant, something small but there will be something and you won't know about it until the very last minute.

Wedding engagement 7

All of these signs are indicators that your man COULD be planning something behind your back, but don't jump to conclusions just yet! Wait to see if he gets down on one knee and savour the surprise!


* Photo credits: Super Event Limited, Parker Shots *

13th January, 2015