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The Complete Catering and Marquee Wedding in Sussex

We were thrilled to work with Arabella and Dom assisting with a full range of wedding catering and Wedding Marquee services. We met with the happy couple to discuss all elements of their big day. The party was of 111 people and to be frank space was at a premium. The space element of the wedding needed us to plan for the most economical use of space whilst of course executing the very best family wedding possible. Great food and a fabulous Marquee for this Sussex event were upper most in the client mind and of course vitally important to us. Everyone involved wanted a perfect wedding celebration.

Super Event the Sussex Marquee people!

The marquee was enhanced by a hard wooden floor and was a clear span Marquee. The Marquee was fully lined, all ancillaries to include Stage, dance floor and lighting. Luxury mobile toilets were provided and were built under additional Marque cover. All tables and chairs, in short everything need for this Sussex wedding was provided by Super Event. The Marquee was built some days in advance of the big day, ensuring the client had access to add their very own personal touches.

Complete Catering image

Super Event the fabulous Sussex Caterers!

A full catering service was provided by Super Event. All crockery, cutlery Linen staff, prepare it, cook it serve it, clear up, a complete catering service for this Sussex Wedding. All the preparations went perfectly, the whole event was prepared in advance allowing the customer to “See for themselves” everything was finished in advance without last minute hitches. The big day came and a fabulous wedding ceremony took place. Now the party starts! Fabulous Champagne and wines flowed, the food was served and all had a fabulous day. The guests were some of the nicest people we are fortunate to come across and we all loved working this fabulous Sussex Wedding. The happy couple Arrabella and Dom blank beamed with huge smiles all day and all evening. We will remember with fondness this family wedding for not only the great event but for the fabulous people we had the pleasure of working with. The couple were just great and behind them of course fabulous parents who were desperate to ensure their daughter had the wedding of her dreams, and indeed she did. The post event feedback from the client was just fabulous.

Super Event is one of the few, the very few companies, who are able to offer a complete in-house service. Super Event provides our own in house catering and Marquee service not needing to subcontract to others. We will work with the client (Directly not via a subcontracted element) to ensure a seamless delivery of the whole event. Super Event are rarely asked to provide Catering and or Marquees as a separate service because the advantages to the client of a complete service from us are over whelming! Why have one contractor provide catering with another providing the Marquees, loos generator etc. We provide a complete Wedding Catering and Wedding Marquee service through Sussex, Surrey, Kent and more!

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Please read below the fabulous review left by the client on an independent review web site.

"Super Event were brilliant. My daughter wanted several different things which they hadn't done before, and they did them incredibly well and how she wanted them. The staff were all very helpful and incredibly calming with all the pre wedding worries with having a wedding at home. Our wedding was in the middle of major gales and storms and everything from marquees to food worked perfectly. Having handed over all the personal things we had wanted to do to the wedding manager a couple of days before, we were able to relax and enjoy it all. One of the nicest things about the company, is that they will add all the extras that you want and help with them all if you wish, but they don't encourage you at all to do so which is very refreshing. We will definitely use the company again, though with only one daughter, it will be for another occasion. We were delighted to work with this family and hope our paths cross again."

26th June, 2014