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Don't forget to have fun!


A wedding is a symbolic day that marks the rest of your life, but are you stressed from all the planning and high expectations? Today, English weddings are so popular it is no wonder our brides are stressed!

In England we have access to the most beautiful wedding venues to be able to stun your wedding guests. However, the pressure of pleasing can cloud the reason why you are getting married in the first place. Make sure you take every moment in as it is the beginning of a new chapter for you.

The way to keep on top of the planning process is to get organised. Once you have all of the big contractors like us booked, you can relax and figure out all the decorations for your marquee and tables, your wedding favours and other extras that are personal to you and your groom.

Although you may be dreading those weeks coming up to your wedding, don't panic! Keep everyone calm, find time to relax and you will sail through the last minute details with no bother. On your wedding day, all the stress of planning and pleasing your guests will fade away.

As proof we have posted pictures of our real brides & grooms below, captured in special moments of their day! No matter if things went wrong before hand, families had conflicts or the English weather didn't turn out as they hoped, you can see that they are having a fabulous day. So worry aside, it will be one of the best days of your life! Enjoy it.

Just after this Groom got married:

Fun wedding 1

Father of the Brides speech:

Fun wedding 2

Bride during speeches:

Fun wedding 3

Bride & Grooms reaction to the weather:

Fun wedding 4


*Photo credits: Parker Shots, Peter Prior*

21st January, 2015