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Festive Proposals


There is only one month until Christmas, we are in the mist of the festive season. Christmas day has proven to be the happiest day of the year, filling everyone with the festive spirit. We all know that Christmas is about spending time with the family and appreciating the moments you can share.
Why wait for Valentine’s Day? This Christmas could be your year!

The first and most important reason to propose around Christmas time is to be able to share the beautiful moment with your friends and family. For most people, Christmas is a time when your family come together and enjoy each other’s company. An engagement is a celebration and there is no better time to celebrate with everyone.

The setting around Christmas time gives you a beautiful back drop for an engagement. You might wait to see if it snows or maybe you could use the Christmas lights to create something out of the ordinary. Your idea might be simple or extravagant but with the help of lights, decorations and possible winter snow, you could be in for a rather romantic proposal.

You want to propose to your partner at Christmas but you aren’t sure how to do it. You can wrap it up, hang it on the tree or even put it in an advent calendar just like Philip Schofield did for his wife! There are so many festive ideas to use for your proposal, each and every one of them will make your soon-to-be-fiancée blush.

If you get engaged at Christmas, it gives you enough time to plan your wedding for the summer season ahead. After the festivities have passed it gives you a reason to keep on smiling and plan your wedding. The timing is crucial for a Christmas proposal. Do you want it to be a private moment between you and your fiancée? Or maybe you want everyone to be together. Whichever you choose, it needs to be perfect for her!

Christmas is a magical time of year, and it will make your engagement even more magical!


25th November, 2014