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Introducing Super Event Marquee Hire

Earlier this year we decided to launch a new website dedicated to marquee hire. The site is called and is filled with loads of additional information and images.

Wedding marquee hire image

You may ask why we should need a site dedicated to marquee hire. In truth, Super Event prefer to work as the sole contractor for your wedding. It allows us to be in control of every aspect of your 'big day' and be confident that every element will work like clockwork. That is not to say we don't enjoy working with other contractors, we do, it just means that we are reliant on other parties doing their bit correctly, and more importantly, doing it on time.

Most contractors are only concerned about their aspect of the job, they aren't working as a co-ordinated team doing the prep work in a logical order.

That's one of the main reasons that led us to build a website solely for our marquee hire team. Also, it was to get couples aware of our service at an earlier stage of the wedding planning. Timing is so often crucial, and the number of times a couple has said "if only we knew you could supply the marquee as well".

This new site allows us to show off this division of the Super Event team. It allows us to showcase their skills, as well as showing couples that we can deliver our wonderful complete package.

2nd July, 2014