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The Naked Wedding Cake


Your wedding cake usually matches your colour scheme, taste buds, and can be as grand as you’d like it to be. This summer we saw a new type of wedding cake that has set a new trend in the wedding industry:
"The naked wedding cake’
This cake style was introduced by an American baker, Christina Tosi, owner of Milk Bar. You may have heard about the trend that has taken over the traditional cake style but if you haven’t, here are 5 reasons why brides have chosen to go bare:

1. You don't like icing!

Traditional icing has never been your favourite cake topping, you only really eat it when you have to and most of the time you only have this experience at weddings or Christmas. Why should you have to eat something you don’t like on your special day?

2. It’s a surprise on the day.

You can see many different examples of the cake you will have on your special day, but yours can only be built a few hours before you eat it so it is not only completely fresh, but also a nice surprise. 

3. It looks fresh and rustic.

The naked cake goes especially well with an "English Themed" wedding, there’s nothing better than a well-made Victoria sponge decorated in butter icing, fresh fruit and flowers to run with your theme. 

4. Mouth-watering guests.

Instead of keeping your cake's flavours a secret from your guests; you are showing off the delicious taste and teasing everyone all day. Your cake will taste even better for making them wait. 

5. Be part of the trend

Why not follow the trend? Everyone loves the naked cake, it must be delicious!


* Please ensure your cake maker is available on the day to essemble the cake together, our staff are always on hand to help. Your naked cake will look perfect placed in your marquee and will perfectly fit in with your country wedding! 

17th November, 2014