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New Year, New You!

8 New Year’s resolutions for our brides to stick to in 2015

The end of a year always brings on a sense of motivation to change what you didn’t in the previous year. 2015 is the time to stick to all of the resolutions you couldn’t before, or make new resolutions that are manageable. We have come up with 8 manageable resolutions that all brides can follow to ensure you have a fabulous year. Whether you are getting married this summer or next, stick to these and you will have a happy 2015!

1.       Get in shape
This is the typical number one resolution that over half our population make when entering January. We all have things we want to change about our bodies, so make 2015 the year you reach your goal. It might be to lose those extra pounds, get toned or become fitter, whichever it is, it will leave you happier when walking down the aisle.

2.       Use Pinterest more
You can find endless amounts of inspiration on Pinterest. Many people design their future weddings on this social platform before they even get engaged! It’s a great way to document what you want. Use it as a mood board of ideas and you will find what you want much quicker. Follow our Pinterest page for inspiration:

3.       Sort your guest list early
When you have a budget and a maximum capacity it can be really stressful to decide who to invite to your wedding, without the added worry of who to put where on your table plan. Get your guest list organised early so that if you need to change something it can be done easily.

4.       Get involved in DIY
Release your creative side and find yourself a project. Planning your wedding is exciting, put all of that energy into a pretty table plan or vintage style décor, you will find millions of ideas on Pinterest. It allows you to have fun while planning your wedding but it also adds a personal touch to your special day!

5.       Take control
All of your loved ones will be itching to help you plan things in the coming months before your wedding. Make sure that you & your groom take the lead and have the dream wedding that you want. Everyone else will follow your decisions and it will avoid those dreaded disagreements.

6.       Eat Healthy
It has been proven that if you eat healthy you become a much happier person. You are left feeling energised instead of drained. This is a vital resolution for the months before your wedding to keep a healthy mind and a great figure to follow.

7.       Invest in a planner
We aren’t telling you to hire a wedding planner to organise your whole wedding, all you need to do is buy a planner to write entries into whenever you book something. Keeping everything documented will help you to stay organised.

8.       Enjoy it!
It is very easy to get overwhelmed by the wedding stress, but you are organising the day you plan to marry the love of your life. Enjoy every moment of it before your life makes a huge change.

If you keep to all of these resolutions you are sure to sail through the planning stage healthy, happy and super organised. Find the best way to stick to them and make them manageable for you!

6th January, 2015