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Spit Roast Catering For A Wedding

Everyone has different ideas about the types of food they would wish to serve at a wedding. Super Event Limited have been charcoal spit roasting for more than twenty years. Tony Brewin (M.D. of Super Event) designed a charcoal spit roasting machine more than twenty years ago and was perhaps even the first to offer traditional charcoal spit roasting in the South east. The machine is still in use today, and distributed throughout the country, used by many other caterers.

Wedding Spit Roast

The charcoal roasting of meats must not be confused with those who seek to roast meats in what is little better than a gas oven or an electric oven. The flavours and aromas just can not be equalled. A simple challenge try a slice of Hog roast from one of our charcoal roasting machines and then another from a gas oven roasted Hog roast. We roast over charcoal and this process typically takes eight hours for a whole charcoal roasted pig. The roasting process in itself is a great sight to see. Together with the aromas it really is an amazing dish. We have clients who choose a spit roast dish as the main event for their wedding and many who offer a spit roast to their guests as evening food.

Super Event limited took a team of chefs to compete in the World BBQ championships in Lynchberg Tennessee and are delighted to report we secured 2nd place in the world championships. We know how to Charcoal roast!!

1st August, 2014