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Super Event Catering in East Sussex, Surrey & Kent


There are many catering options to choose from at Super Event! We try to keep the menu simple but impressive so that your guests can enjoy a restaurant style service. We bring to you our most popular dishes, giving you a chance to see what they look like. If you would like to see our full menu please follow this link:

We have a range of different canapes to suit all of your guests needs:

Hoisin Duck & Sesame Toast:

Catering 9

Smoked Salmon & Caviar Cups:

Catering 8

Our head chef creates the most beautiful summery dishes for your guests to enjoy:

Crab & Prawn Tian, Starter:

Catering 7

You can also choose to have a buffet style meal with a choice salads to go with a Hog Roast or our BBQ options:

Mediterranean Pasta Salad:

Catering 1

Roasted Summer Vegeatables:

Catering 2

Alfresco Herb:

Catering 3

Morroccan Taboule:

Catering 4

You can choose to have a BBQ as your main course or have it in the evening for those that are still hungry.

Peppered Minute Steaks Barbequed:

Catering 5

You need to finish your dining with a dish that is outstanding, our Triple Delight is very popular for obvious reasons:

Catering 6

28th January, 2015