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Winter Weddings in Sussex – As Expert Wedding Caterers, We Give 5 Great Reasons

As expert wedding caterers for Sussex, each year, we see a reasonable amount of couples preferring the romance of a winter wedding. Super Event have created a special winter wedding catering package for couples in East Sussex and West Sussex.

Our position as Sussex’s leading wedding caterer also gives us first hand experience of why couples are choosing this option.

1. Greater Availability

In the height of summer, arranging your perfect day on the perfect day can prove tricky. With a winter wedding, you can pick your day and plan with confidence. There is also the added benefit that a lot of the suppliers like photographers and bands are quieter that time of year and therefore tend to be more flexible with cost.

2. A Truly Special Occasion

A winter wedding can be both spectacular and memorable and can be enhanced and dressed by what the season has to offer, which of course we will incorporate into your wedding catering package. Guests can be greeted with a warming glass of mulled wine and hearty seasonal cuisine can be the signature dishes on your menu.

3. A Marquee Wedding in Winter

The idea of erecting one of Sussex’s finest marquees for a winter wedding may seem plain wrong, but that would be a total under-estimation of the versatility that our exquisite hire marquees provide all year round. Obviously, because of the time of year, this option is suitable solely for home weddings and we will ensure you that we will create a beautifully cosy, romantic and intimate surrounding.

4. Everyone Can Attend

Getting a summer wedding date when everyone is available is incredibly difficult and can become somewhat of a headache. During winter time, you can make a reasonable assumption that most people’s availability is far greater and your grand family occasion will be fully attended.

5. Honeymoon Happiness

A winter wedding leads to the possibility of a tropical honeymoon in some of the most romantic locations in the world.

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7th November, 2014