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Your Marquee Wedding at Slaugham


Slaugham Place is one of our beautiful marquee venues based in West Sussex. Many of our clients fall in love with this venue because of the amazing ruins. If you are hoping to have your wedding reception at Slaugham we will host your canape & drink reception within the ruins so your guests can experience the venue at its full potential. The marquee is situated infront of the ruins, which is where your dining will take place. The marquee can look as fabulous as you make it - please see marquee inspiration in earlier posts.

There are many hidden romantic spots at Slaugham Place so you and your husband can enjoy each others company and get some gorgeous photos. Unlike other venues, Slaugham keeps its ruins lit up at night so that you can enjoy the scenery throughout your whole wedding day.

Below are some photo's of a previous wedding at Slaugham Place, so that you can see how perfect it really is.

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Slaugham 1

Slaugham 2

Slaugham 3

Slaugham 4

Slaugham 5

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23rd February, 2015